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Our Story
In 1974 Mike Wallwefelsz began working for Big B Cleaners as a store manager in Tallahassee. In 1982 Mike was promoted to area supervisor overseeing a number of stores. Also in 1982, Mike’s brother, Greg, moved to Tallahassee and began working for Big B as a local store manager.

Having saved their money, Mike and Greg pooled their resources, secured financial backing, combined their 19 years experience in the business and opened the first Blue Ribbon Cleaners in August 1989 on East Lafayette street.

Mike and Greg spent many hours setting up the new state-of-the-art equipment arranged in such a way to facilitate the cleaning of clothing in a safe and effective way. The new Blue Ribbons cleaners was an instant success. Since then, they opened their second store in 1991 at 1660 North Monroe, then a third in 1995 at 2107 Capital Circle.

Family Own and Operated
Blue Ribbon cleaners is a locally owned and operated company employing over 10 family members across the three stores. We feel by taking a personal interest in our business we can keep that local connection you have grown to trust and respect.

Our Equipment
Where most cleaners use their heavy equipment for 10 to 20 years, Blue Ribbon is committed to keeping their equipment up to date while exceeding EPA requirements. For example, in the past six months four large pieces of new equipment replaced existing models.

Our Staff
The staff is trained at their individual jobs in a relaxed atmosphere as well as a safe environment making work conditions superior to most other cleaners Staff pay rate exceed minimum hour rates, and include regular raises. Our staff enjoys paid vacations and holidays with pay add to the benefits. Occasional company parties and dinners helps to maintain loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction
As managers, Mike and Greg make every effort to see that each customer is satisfied with the quality of work and they often invite customers inside to tour the entire operation. They offer a full quality satisfaction, and will gladly re-clean your items not meeting your expectations. Simply return them to us within 2 days and we will take care of the rest.

Our Mission
While Blue Ribbon charges a bit more than most cleaners in the area, the extra attention to detail and the outstanding quality seems to be what the public wants and what we strive to deliver.